A downloadable game for Windows

Made for WTF Game Jam 2017, this is a 100% historically accurate simulation of the life of a European monarch driven mad by late stage syphilis and consumed with the desire to immortalize himself by building a gigantic castle that will ultimately be his undoing.

Instructions: build a castle to the top of the screen! Try not to crush yourself in the process. Left and right arrows move blocks; down drops blocks and up rotates them.

Apologies: sound is mostly missing, as are handy things like quit or restart buttons, but such are the perils of the Game Jam Life. I'd also just generally like to apologize for... all of it, really, especially the concept and execution and any time you waste playing it or reading this description.

Install instructions

Windows only. To install: unzip somewhere. Enjoy (?)


Insane Monarch Simulator.zip 16 MB